About Buffalo Market

Buffalo Market is the most efficient, transparent, and brand-friendly food distributor on the market. We specialize in working with the fastest moving products and the largest retail chains across the United States.

Buffalo Market offers a leaner, smarter, more attentive way of doing business.




Retailers choose Buffalo Market to identify and access the top brands consumers want, which are increasingly mission-driven, and often better for you and better for the planet. 

Transparency is the driving principle of Buffalo Market; it’s how we communicate externally with our partners and internally with our team. We use technology to extend that principle to how we handle data. Our tech gives us access to vital information that we share in real-time, meaning we can make faster decisions and achieve more—together. 

With a nimble, customer-centric business model and a technologically advanced distribution system, Buffalo Market provides a more transparent, efficient, and all-around more pleasant experience throughout the lifecycle of your CPG or retail business.

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