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Network and Scale Your Business

With a growing portfolio of brands, retailers, and territories, partnering with
Buffalo Market offers independent drivers and fleet operators an
opportunity to increase their reach and revenue.

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What do we do?

Buffalo Market grants independent drivers and fleet operators authority to distribute and
merchandise our brands within a specific territory.

For Independent Drivers

Have your own vehicle?

If you own an insured cargo van or box truck and are licensed to work and drive in the United States, you can apply to become a Delivery Partner.

No commission caps

The more orders you sell, the more commission you receive with no limit on how much you can earn.

Own your route

Enjoy scheduling flexibility by selecting your own route. We also offer optimized route planning!

Become a Partner
For Fleets

Operate a fleet?

If you already oversee a fleet of delivery vehicles, you can increase the reach of your company by partnering with Buffalo Market.


We provide financing and support to grow your operation, acquire more vehicles, and more!

No more guesswork

Get optimized route planning and order recommendations so that you can focus on day-to-day operations.

Become a Partner

Grow your
business with us


Transparency is in Buffalo Market’s DNA. We believe in fostering an environment of total trust with our retailers, suppliers, employees, and delivery partners.


We offer more-than-competitive rates and guarantee equitable treatment for all of our employees and partners.


When a driver owns their route, they own success in that route, and can be flexible with their own schedule to ensure success

Kevin Arrellano

Delivery Partner
in Southern California

Meet a Buffalo

“The biggest difference between my last job and this one is how energetic I feel.”

When I started working at Buffalo Market, I noticed right away that it was more of a community. Every day I come into work at the Burbank Warehouse, I say, “Good morning. Have a good day!” It doesn’t even feel like work sometimes. Even the days that do feel like work, I get to enjoy.

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