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5 Must-Know CPG Business Trends for 2022
What awaits the world of CPG in 2022? Here we countdown the five biggest trends CPG business owners need to be aware of.
Wholesale Food Distributor Visalia
Are you looking to launch a CPG in Visalia, CA? Here we round up everything you need to know about CPG in the city and the distributors you'll have to work with
7 New Year’s Resolutions for CPG Owners
Could you do more to scale your CPG in 2022? How about to connect with your customer community and hone your marketing comms? In this list, we provide 7 New Year's resolutions for CPG businesses.
Wholesale Food Distributor San Francisco

Are you a CPG looking to enter the San Francisco food scene? We can help distribute you there — and support you along the way.

Should You Find Fairtrade Suppliers For Your CPG?
Going Fairtrade is an ethical move, but could it also benefit your CPG sales if you made the switch? We talk you through the ins and outs of Fairtrade certification.
What Is Green Friday And Should You Get Involved?
Black Friday is slowly becoming an outdated tactic for CPGs, with so many shoppers turning to sustainable brands, could Green Friday be the solution for your brand?
2021 Holiday Shopping Predictions for CPGs
After a turbulent 18 months, there's no real telling what 2021's holiday season will bring for the CPG market, but here are our predictions.
Cracking the Code For Growth — What CPG Marketing Should Focus On Now
The consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry has long been at the forefront of innovation. It’s a market that’s constantly evolving and adapting to consumer demands. We talk you through the importance of market research, adaptability, transformation and key market segments you should be focusing on the CPG growth. 
How CPGs Can Prepare an Online Strategy for Seasonal Promotions

We know that having a robust online strategy is key to a successful seasonal campaign, but how exactly do you go about making one for your CPG? We talk you through all the considerations you should be making for seasonal promotions. 

How to Calculate your Carbon Footprint as an Indie CPG
We are all aware of the importance of measuring your company's emissions, but did you know it is relatively simple for you to calculate it yourself as an indie CPG? That's right! We talk you through the steps and figures you need to collect to how large your company's carbon footprint is. And better yet, how to offset it.
How Will Black Friday Be Different This Year for CPGs? It’s All About Digital
This sale season (Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the holidays) will be won by CPGs with a strong online presence — so how is yours shaping up?
What Trends are Influencing CPG Marketing in 2021-2022?
We know marketing is constantly changing, but what should your CPG be focusing on? We talk you through current trends from digitalization to personalization to make sure you're doing the best you can for your CPG.
How to Get Your CPG into Natural Food Stores
Want to get your CPG into a natural food store? We take you through all the key points to consider to make sure you get your CPG exactly where you want it to be.
Who Are The Fastest-Growing Start-Up CPG Businesses?
Fast-growing CPGs are all focused around amazing products, innovative technology and sustainability. So read all about these amazing CPGs and get inspired today!
Seasonality: Why are CPG Retail Promotions Important This Time of Year?
We go through the numbers to prove that seasonal sales are of extreme importance to all businesses, especially CPGs and take you through the different ways you can capitalize on this. As well as a look at some companies who have really taken this time of year to the next level for them and their brand.
If You're a Plant-Based CPG, Are You Changing Your Plastic Packaging Too? A Guide to the Newest Plastic-Free Packaging
When a consumer packaged goods (CPG) brand chooses its mission and values, it’s important to consult them when making all business decisions. If not, it can be damaging to the brand. A recent survey found that 71% of consumers prefer...
It’s Sale Season! A CPG’s Guide to The Do’s and Don’ts of In-Store and Online Promotions
Is your CPG promo-ready for this year's sale season?
How to Grab Meat-Eaters' Attention When You're a Vegan CPG
Vegan CPGs are on the rise, as they should be, but how do you attract non-vegans to try and love your product? Flexitarians may dabble in vegan products - but get scared off if it seems they're not welcome. We talk you through some of the best ways to attract this lucrative market.
Why Is There Such an Appetite For CPGs in LA?
LA is undoubtedly one of the best cities in the world for food and CPG. But why exactly?
What is Brand Equity — and How Can You Build it for Your CPG?
Brand equity is what separates household names from lower-shelf SKUs. How do you build brand equity for yourself?
What Does 'Certified Plant-Based', 'Fairtrade', & 'Organic' Mean for a CPG? What You Need to Know About Important CPG Certifications
There are so many certifications your CPG could qualify for, and it can be important to do. So many customers are purpose-driven these days, so certification can make you stand out! But, is it worth it? What kinds of certification should you go for? And what are the differences between them all - we talk you through all your questions.