Food Distributor and Consumer Packaged Good News

6 Important Steps to Building Customer Loyalty Within CPG
The secret to customer loyalty for CPG is not rocket science. A question of collating the right data, using it correctly and listening to your customers - and giving them what they want!
What is a Co-Packer in CPG?
Is a co-packer the next step for your CPG? Read on to understand the ins and outs of what they do and if that move is going to work for you CPG.
'Meatless Monday' Promos for Savvy CPGs
Meatless Monday is growing in popularity, and rightly so - plus it's a great market for CPGs and growing every year. Find out some of the best ways to promote your CPGs within this movement.
Must-Know CPG definitions and Jargon: The Ultimate Guide
Ever been left confused by Consumer Packaged Goods terminology and industry jargon? Then this is the only comprehensive guide you'll ever need.
Do Expiration Dates *Actually* Matter? What CPGs Need to Know to Keep Their Customers Safe

Let's clear up the confusion around expiration dates. Everything CPG owners need to know to keep their customers safe.

What is an Organic Food Distributor?
We go through the basics of what an organic distributor is, and what you should be asking in order to get the best one for your CPG.
8 Always-Asked Questions about Working with a Food Distributor
Is your CPG's food distributor a match made in heaven? Follow these 8 questions to find your best fit.
6 amazing ingredients for developing natural foods
We've picked 6 of the most amazing ingredients for developing natural foods. Looking for some inspiration for natural ingredients to mix, pour or bake into your CPGs? Take a look at our ideas!
Understanding Food Labels: How Customers See Your Product
In this second instalment of our Understanding Food Labels series, we explore consumer psychology. What do customers actually look for on a food label, how does this impact purchasing behaviors and what does this mean for your CPG brand?
Best 30 Wholesale Food Distributors in Los Angeles, CA
Ready to read about all the best Wholesale Food Distributors in Los Angeles...this is to most extensive list out there.
How to Find a Distributor for Your CPG
How much do you know about CPG distribution? It's a topic we discuss *a lot* at Buffalo Market and we share our very best nuggets of insight, here...
Understanding Food Labels: What's the Difference between Processed, Unprocessed, and other Food Label Terminology?
Grocery stores can have up to 40,000 items on display — each with their own food labels for shoppers to read and understand. How clear is your use of CPG terminology?
What are the Packaging Cues for Sustainability in 2021?
*You* know your CPG has eco credentials, but do your potential customers get the message? Here, we share the secrets of sustainable packaging design in food and beverage.
How to Prove your CPG product to Distributors
Securing the right distributor gives your CPG a real leg-up in the market. But what do you need to do achieve that all-important distribution agreement?
How Does a Food Distributor Make Money?
Food distribution is essential to expand the reach of your CPG. How much do you know about how food distributors work... and how they make their money?
Understanding Food Labels: What do all CPG Brands Need to Include in their Packaging?
Are you up to speed on what needs to be displayed on your CPG labels? Find out here.
How Much Money do CPGs *Really* Make? (CPG Profit Margins Explained)
How much of a profit can your CPG expect to make? In this post, we explain the basics of profit margin calculations — with a real-world CPG example.
7 CPG Brands Taking Steps Toward More Sustainable Business Practices
Sustainable business practices are no longer an option — they're a necessity. Here we look at 7 CPG brands leading the way,
8 Fun Food and Beverage Career Paths for Lovers of CPG
Thinking about a career in CPG? These 8 jobs are fun, fulfilling ways to work with F&B!
Top 20 Food Distributors in America
Working with the right food distributor is essential for CPG success. In this post, we round-up 20 of the biggest and best food distributors within the US.
10 Vegan and Plant-based CPG Brands that are Thriving
Be inspired by these vegan and plant-based brands who are absolutely nailing it.