Equal Exchange Bananas

The humble banana. Breakfast staple, healthy snack, sweet treat – it’s all of that and more. No wonder the average American munches their way through 27 pounds of them every year. And there's no finer purveyor of quality organic, Fair Trade, delicious bananas than Equal Exchange.  

Did you know that bananas are 75% water? Or that they are technically a berry? Truly, they are a fascinating fruit. And they’re not just tasty and healthy, either – they are useful. Next time you get a mosquito bite or a burn, rub the inside of a banana peel across it; it will help reduce pain, swelling, and itchiness.

But recently they’ve had something of a bad rep. Traditionally, banana cultivation was massively pesticide-intensive, and many of the toxins used on commercial plantations are believed to cause a whole host of health conditions. There’s also the social impact huge, intensively farmed plantations have in third world countries – unfair labor practices, dangerous working conditions, overuse of local resources.


Equal Exchange thinks there is a better way. Founded in 1986, they trade in an “honest and fair way”, reimagining the supply chain to empower both farmers and consumers. Their premium bananas are grown by three small farmer cooperatives in Ecuador and Peru, groups that are committed to growing the best product possible in a sustainable, environmentally-friendly way.

The cooperatives are certified organic and Fairtrade, but that’s just a small part of what makes them so special. Locally-led community development, soil improvement, and better healthcare and education are all part of their mission, ensuring that the bounty from their fertile soil provides more than just profits.


And, of course, they grow great bananas! You can taste the quality with every bite, safe in the knowledge that by buying Equal Exchange, you’re helping fight against the perpetuation of global inequalities and giving thousands of farmers in South America agency, economic freedom, and a better quality of life. Not bad for a humble banana.

Buffalo Market cares about its sourcing and Equal Exchange is one of our favorites places to get bananas. Go add these or one of our other banana vendors to your cart today.