Is Yogurt Keto?

A lot of confusion surrounds yogurt. Many wonder if it has health benefits, or it should be eaten more as a treat, like chocolate or cake. Some people are unclear as to its precise nutritional attributes. And, an increasingly common question being asked is: Is yogurt compatible with a keto diet?

The simple answer is yes, it is. But with several caveats. Yogurt can be a healthy, high-protein food, but while they do contain some carbs, they can still be included in a ketogenic lifestyle. It’s vitally important you choose the right kind, and the right serving size.


The best choice is whole, unflavoured Greek yogurt. A 5 ounce (150 gram) serving contains 11 grams of protein and just 5 grams of carbs. Greek yogurt is perfect for those on a keto diet because, apart from the fact that the straining process involved in its production removes a lot of lactose (the source of carbs), Greek yogurt is less likely to contain milk power or other common additives found in low-fat or non-fat alternatives.

How else to make sure your yogurt consumption is compatible with your Keto goals? If Greek is not your thing, fret not. Keep it natural, keep it whole fat, and keep it plain (even yogurts containing real fruit have high levels of fructose). It also helps to choose yogurts with active cultures, since such bacteria naturally consumes any lactose (the carbs) present, and watch your serving size – small really is beautiful!

It's also possible to cater your yogurt choice to your macro goals. If you’re eating too much protein and not enough fat, you can find a yogurt type that fits such a need, and vice versa. And, if your preferred brand or choice is too low in fat, simply modify it! Adding some heavy cream or MCT oil as a supplement can help you stay on track in terms of your consumption targets.

Here at Buffalo Market, we feature a wide range of yogurt to satisfy every taste and demand – including plenty of Greek. So whatever your preference or dietary requirements, we’ve got you covered. Have a browse, and add some to your cart today.

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