Pots de Crème

Pots de Crème are a sexy ideal of creaminess - think of them as the French version of pudding. These deserts have a smoother texture and are softer than hardy puddings, but are the perfect finish to a dinner party or tough day of work...or with the kids when you just need a treat.

They're derived from French dessert custard, which was served in little pots and dates back to the 17th Century. They even have their own National Day, the 27th August. At their most basic, they're made from just four ingredients, and taste like a richer crème brûlée. But nowadays, they come in many flavors, like fruit, chocolate, caramel, and butterscotch. 

Pots de Crème. Let's get it straight, here’s how you do NOT pronounce Pots de Crème: “Pawts deh Creem.”

How we say it, even in San Francisco - here's how you DO pronounce Pots de Crème: “Po de Krehm”. Or, if you want to get really specific, “Po de k(insert crackling, back-of-the-throat phlegm French sound)ehm”.

Here you can find our Pots de Crème. Stick one in your cart today.

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