Six Ways to Optimize Your Savings At Buffalo Market

Six Ways To Optimize Your Savings At Buffalo Market


We strive to make great-tasting, organic groceries affordable and accessible to all. We start by giving you the lowest price we can on organics, so low that they can be cheaper than conventional. In short you save money and improve your food just by shopping with us! Here are more ways you can make the most of shopping at Buffalo Market:

  • Make your Buffalo Market cart your shopping list
  • Did you know that in 2017 the average single person spent $4,425 or $368.75 per month on groceries? If you’re making purchases through the week instead of all at once, save a cart and add to your list until you cross $100 and collect free shipping! We’ll keep it warm for you.
  • Buy larger quantities
  • We offer some pretty awesome discounts for restaurant-size quantities. If you don’t see a discount on the shop, please email us to see what we can work out!
  • Look for our Daily Specials in your email box
  • Get the freshest produce at the freshest prices along with deals from fish to fizzy water.
  • No Delivery Fee, unlock wholesale pricing with no delivery fee when you order $100.
  • Invite a friend to experience Buffalo Market. They get a $20 gift card. You get a $20. And we get to make everyone happy.

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