Tahoe Artesian Water: Why is Artesian Water Better?

Tahoe Artesian Water

For all the options in the beverage aisle, is there really anything more satisfying than a frosty glass bottle of cold, ultra-pure water? The makers of Tahoe Artesian Water don’t think so; that’s why they’ve poured so much of their heart into bottling some of the freshest, purest water you’ll find in Northern California or anywhere else. 


Wells and aquifers

Most bottled water you find in the store is the product of pumping from natural resources and purifying through distillation, chemicals, or reverse osmosis. The founding family of Tahoe Artesian Water, the Wells, source their water from a family-owned aquifer located in California’s Sierra Nevada mountain range. 

The term “artesian” references the Artois region in France, where 12th Century monks would drill into layers of rock surrounding their monastery and unleash the naturally pressurized water within. Only aquifers whose water springs up from natural pressure can be considered artesian. 

The Wells’ family property happens to rest upon such an aquifer—fed from the melted snowcaps of the mountains and filtered through layers of solid granite—giving them access to a water supply that is both pressurized and purified by nature alone.  


What are the benefits of artesian water? 

Not to be confused with the word “artisan" (which means "hand-made"), artesian refers to a specific way of obtaining water through drilling into moisture-laden rock. Because of natural filtration through minerals, artesian water is tastier, potentially healthier than distilled water, and depletes fewer natural resources. 


Minerals and taste 

As water wells up through hundreds of feet of stone, it acquires mineral deposits. These deposits lend the water a more complex flavor and increase its pH, making it better-tasting and more alkaline.

Many mineral water brands are artificially mineralized and can taste bitter and hard. Tahoe Artesian takes advantage of the natural terroir of the Wells’ aquifer, which gives their water high pH but retains its smooth drinkability and fresh flavor. 

Alkalinity and health

Alkaline water is also said to have numerous positive effects on your body—from helping with hydration and bone health to fighting acid reflux and cancer. 

More research is needed to verify the health benefits of drinking alkaline water, but with its remarkably high pH of 8.7, Tahoe Artesian makes a fantastic candidate for testing. 

Resources and sustainability 

Artesian water doesn’t just benefit our bodies and taste buds; it’s also better for our environment. 

All the water from the Tahoe Artesian aquifer is pressurized due to excess moisture within the granite, meaning that it doesn’t have to be pumped out and doesn’t drain water from wildlife habitats or local communities. 

Tahoe Artesian Water in a small pile of snow overlooking rocks beside Lake Tahoe

What makes Tahoe Artesian Water better?

While it isn’t the only bottled water in the business, Tahoe Artesian is certainly among the best. This brand takes the natural gifts given to it from the Wells’ Sierra Nevada aquifer and expands on them to bring a truly spectacular mineral water to market. 

Naturally made

Because Tahoe Artesian Water is purified on its long journey through meters of granite, it doesn’t need to be distilled or chlorinated, meaning it contains only pure water and natural minerals.

Freshly bottled

Each run of Tahoe Water is bottled in small batches. Smaller batches of supply mean that when you buy a bottle of this water, you know it hasn’t been sitting in some dusty warehouse for months on end and tastes as fresh as the day it was bottled. 

Sustainably produced

As a company, Tahoe Artesian Water is committed to reducing environmental impact wherever it can. 

  • 90% of packaging materials are sourced from within 120 miles of their bottling facility
  • Their water collection process is carbon-neutral and uses zero electricity
  • Each bottle of water requires only 6.9 grams of CO2 to produce. Other brands require as much as 250 grams—nearly 36 times the amount of carbon! 


What products does Tahoe Artesian Water make?

Tahoe Artesians is currently available in two deliciously refreshing varieties:

Tahoe Artesian Water - Still

Freshly bottled water from a family-owned artesian aquifer nestled in California’s Sierra Nevada mountain range. The terroir surrounding the natural well gives this water the pure, refreshing taste and smooth minerality of melted snowcaps filtered through solid granite. 

Tahoe Artesian Water - Sparkling 

The sparkling variety of this water has the same crystal-clear freshness as the original still version, with the gentle effervescence of CO2 bubbles. 

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