What Is Farm To Table?

Farm To Table is another term for local ingredients. These could be eggs laid by hens on a nearby farm, beef from cattle grazing in fields down the road, or vegetables grown from a patch close by where you live.

Basically, the shorter the distance the food has to travel from farm to table the better it will taste. That's why Buffalo Market has adopted this philosophy - we believe food can be better, while benefiting both the environment and the people who produce it.

Farm to table is better for everyone - and everything - involved in the food chain. These benefits include tracing where produce comes from which helps reduce cross contamination, provides the freshest available quality, encourages eating fruit and vegetables in season, and cuts out the need for vast environmentally damaging transportation. So often are we used to eating what we want, when we want, that we forget many fruits and vegetables are only locally in season at certain times of the year.


Farm To Table encourages consumers to be more adventurous in their eating when their usual choices are not available, which can have a positive result on health. It also boosts communities by supporting them financially, which in turn helps maintain farmland and green space in your area. This is why Buffalo Market is committed to building long term relationships with local farmers and producers.

Local ingredients have the best flavours so whether you’re eating out or picking up groceries from the farmer’s market, you can be certain whatever is on offer is naturally grown and ready for consumption, rather than being forcibly pumped with chemicals to meet demand. They also last longer in your fridge.

Fresh corn from a cob, which you peel the husk from yourself before cooking, bursts with flavour and pops in your mouth with every bite. And if you’ve ever been fruit picking, you’ll know that raspberries straight from the bush have a delicate tartness rather than one which turns your mouth inside out and makes you rush to the sugar bowl to sweeten them up.


Local food builds up a community feel which makes shopping extra pleasurable, as you get to know the vendors at the market, the butcher who reared your meat, and the fishmonger whose friends brought in the catch of the day they have on ice in front of your very own eyes.

And while you might think Farm To Table is more expensive, you'd be wrong - it's actually cheaper than traditional stores. Buffalo Market's founding ethos is to deliver premium products to your door for affordable prices. We believe everyone should benefit from better quality, and so work hard to make sure we secure the best possible prices for the best possible food. It's what sets us apart. 

Check out our great selection of local fruit & veg, and meat & seafood, and add some to your cart today.