Recipes from Buffalo Market

Kimchi Inside-Out Grilled Cheese, What's a Kimcheese
Take grilled cheese to a new level with the power of umami from kimchi.  It's crispy and spicy.
How to Make the Best Zucchini Bread (and Muffins!)
Tender, slender, long and green, zucchini is the summer squash available for purchase all year round with a silky skin that makes it easy to peel and chop. Zucchini is also ideal for baked goods, including this delicious zucchini bread (and muffin!) recipe that will put a smile on every face in your household this week.
Three Simple Zucchini Recipes
The slender, tender green fruit known by a few different names, zucchini is the nutritious ingredient with the mellow, unobtrusive taste that can easily be incorporated into a range of dishes, without upsetting the other flavours or textures beside. To help you get more of this vitamin-laded fruit into your diet, here are three simple and delicious recipes you can be prep in minutes.
What to Cook with Ground Beef
As one of the most versatile forms of meat you can buy, ground beef has a lot to say for itself. A natural way to build lean muscle and quicken your metabolism, ground beef is packed with health benefits and easy to incorporate into your diet
How to Cook Broccoli Egg Fried Rice
The key side dish in any Chinese restaurant, fried rice is a real crowd-pleaser. Providing a limitless array of ingredients and flavors, it will satisfy vegetarians and carnivores alike, and goes with everything from spring rolls to fried scallops.
How to Cook Brussels Sprouts Nasi Goreng
The Indonesian variant of fried rice, known as Nasi Goreng, is “one of the world’s great comfort foods,” according to renowned English chef Rick Stein. High praise, indeed.
How to Cook Gyeran Bap
Asian cuisine is known for its fusion of colors and flavors, but their complexity can often be daunting for the eager chef who wants to recreate their favorite Chinese or Korean dishes at home. But if there’s one recipe that’s easy to follow, with ingredients you probably already have to hand, it's the Korean rice dish Gyeran Bap.
Corn Truffle Quesadilla made with Huitlacoche
In Mexico huitlacoche is used in soups, sauces, and prepared for using as a filling in dishes like quesadillas and tacos.  Don’t be intimidated by the appearance of huitlacoche! At first sight, it may not look appealing to eat even the adventurous foodie. Its earthy flavor and mushroom-like texture, however, more than make up for its appearance! Use it in quesadillas, tostadas, crostini, omelets and very much like you would use mushrooms, especially for meatless dishes.
Bison Burgers with Cabernet Onions and California Cheddar
Bison meat, from North American Buffalo, make great tasty, lean burgers.  This burger is meant to inspire.
Buffalo Meat Chili: A Native American and Cowboy Classic

Buffalo chili is a healthier, tasty meat without any game-meat flavor. The texture actually works better than beef in chili as well.

Buffalo Meatloaf Made with Bison, Buffaloaf
The flavor is much sweeter and because of the higher protein content, smaller portions are more satisfying.  Buffalo gives meatloaf a delicious flavor and moist texture.
Filet Mignon with Rich Balsamic Glaze - Easy & Romantic
This is an elegant and quick romantic dinner for two, but it's also easy - just two steps. 
How to Make Frozen Vegetables Taste Just as Good as Fresh
Frozen vegetables can be a healthy and easy way to add veggies to your diet.  1 in 10 Americans don't receive the CDC recommended 1.5 cups a day.  We wanted to share our techniques for making frozen taste just as good as fresh.
Fall River Hotel Wild Rice Salad

We just love wild rice! It's from California, it doesn't really taste like a starch, and it's glorious... rebellious even!

Wild Rice Butternut Squash Stuffing
Wild Rice is delicious, and most of it grows in California near Sacramento. It’s nutty and earthy, irresistibly chewy-tender, and we can’t get enough of it.
Black Label Minetta Burger AKA The $33 Burger (but less when you make it)
This burger has been featured in Bon Appetit, Food and Wine, and just about every travel guide to NYC.
Piedmontese Burger
Michelin chefs like Michael Mina have a star ingredient to their burgers - Piedmontese Beef. Here's how to make one. 
Peach Cobbler Ice Cream Sundaes
Organic peaches, local ice cream, and a brown sugar crumble are made to go together, so why not whip up this delicious Peach Cobbler?