Distribute Your Product with Buffalo Market. Apply to be a Vendor

Buffalo Market is a modern distributor, putting your produce and products direct from your farm or facility into restaurants and grocery stores up and down California.  We distribute products from over 300 local farms, fish mongers, and producers from Sacramento to San Diego.  

Beyond logistics, we have an expert team of value based marketers who help accelerate the awareness of your brand.  In addition, we have 24/7 support for both you and our vendors.  The same kind of high touch experience that you might expect from a world class company but rarely find in distributor.

Not only do we care about your brand and success, but also the planet.  We're not just carbon neutral, we are carbon negative--a position that is increasingly important and should be for consumers.

Every item we offer must meet our strict sourcing criteria. We talk to producers, visit many of their farms and taste-test their products to make sure everything is in line with our standards for quality, flavor and ethical business practices.

To deliver a full line of products and produce to our customers, Buffalo Market works with producers and growers of all sizes. California isn't just the birthplace of sustainable food and organics but also innovation.  We uphold the long traditions of producers whose family businesses have been built by generations while assisting those very farms with technology from blockchain to AI to digital marketing.  

If you would like to apply to be a vendor complete an application form found here