Hip Chips

The cool way to chip!


We believe in being different from the rest and unique in our approach. Not only did we want to create great tasting chips, but we knew it had to be “better for you” by offering meaningful nutritional value such as all natural, Non-GMO ingredients, 0% transfat, and added protein/fiber. Unlike most mainstream corn chip brands that contain unrecognizable ingredients that are unhealthy and provide no nutritional value, we decided to put a big twist in our concept and combine Non-GMO corn with edamame as our core ingredient.


It all started with our sister company, Sensible Foods. Sensible Foods was one of the early pioneers of the Crunch Dried® / freeze dried category since 1997, specializing in best-selling flavors such as Cherry Berry, Tropical Blend, Roasted Edamame and Sweet Corn. A few years ago, our team thought it would be a GREAT idea to turn our Crunch Dried fruits and veggies into chips. Through many trial and errors, we discovered that mashing dried fruit and turning them into chips was not such a great idea! However, the accidental combination of blending corn and edamame to create a chip resulted in a great tasting chip with the perfect texture – not too brittle and not too hard.


Hip Chips was born!


Hip Chips is a one-of-a-kind chip that only uses high quality ingredients in all of our chip flavors. The use of edamame adds 3 grams of protein per serving AND – Who doesn’t like edamame?? Did you know? Edamame is the second highest soyfood sold in America (after soymilk).


Further, every one of our spices and ingredients used are full of authentic flavors and deliciousness. We choose to use sunflower oil instead of the canola oil (that most potato chip brands use) which give our chips an added dose of Vitamin E. Our better-for-you chips make a perfect snack when you’re on the go – guilt free!


4 Flavors are currently available on RydeOn.com -Spicy Salsa, Savory Garden, Sea Salt+ Vinegar, and Seat Salt. Want to learn more? Check out our website at www.hipsnacking.com .



The Hip Chips Team in Vacaville, CA.