Why Keto?

Calories do not make us fat. Insulin does.

Cut the carbs


Consumption of carbohydrates cause our body to produce insulin. Insulin is a hormon that regualtes body weight. Too high insulin levels cause weight gain.

Carbohydrates are not essential for our bodies. Removing them from our diet leads to lowering insulin level and therefore weight loss.



Opposite to carbohydrates, proteins ARE essential to our bodies. Protein consumption also causes insulin production, but we cannot remove it from our diet.

Most keto dieters would keep protein consumption at around 25% of their daily calorie intake.



If you eliminate carbs and reduce protein intake to 120-200g a day, you need another source of energy. The only thing that is left is FAT!

Fat is essential to human body and consumption of fat does not cause insulin production. You could eat unlimited amounts of fat and not gain weight.


What is a keto diet?

Unlimited food, consistent weight loss


Once we stop consuming carbs our body starts using fat for energy. We break it into it's building blocks- ketones. This process is called Ketosis.

Unlimited food

Since keto-friendly foods have minimal impact on our insulin level, we do not have to worry about how much do we eat. You can eat as much as you wish and still keep losing weight. But quite frankly, keto meals are quite filling so you will probably end up eating less than before.

keto Diet

I feel energized!

Consistently low insulin level does not give us hypes and crashes that we are all familiar with after having a carbs-based meal. Keto dieters feel tons of energy at a consistent lever thorough the day.

Diet composition

Most dieters would try to keep their protein intake at around 25% of daily calories, carbohydrates below 5% , and get the rest of their calories from fat

Keto changed my life

After starting RydeOn my days became extremely long. I would start working before the sunrise and be still working long after the sunset. 120+ working week is my standard.
The problem I had was not being able to focus around certain times of a day. Then I realized that my energy crashes were strictly related to my meals. If I would have a lunch at 1PM I would not be able to focus on work until 3PM.
One of my friends, who is a professional tennis player, recommended trying Keto. My doctor approved and from then on my life completely changed.
Since I eliminated carbs from my diet I am feeling fantastic. I feel tons of energy thorough the whole day. Regardless if I ate or not, I do not feel hunger. My mind is clear, my body is strong.
If you would want to hear more about it, give us a call and ask to be transferred to Adam. Or shoot me an email at adam@rydeon.com

Adam Olejniczak, CEO @ RydeOn

Finding appropriate foods

The biggest challenge on keto diet is finding foods that contain little or no carbs. Going through all the labels is very time consuming. That's why I decided to organize it for you. Since I am on keto diet myself, I went through labels of all products that we have in our warehouse. And I marked the ones that I feel ok eating.