We are building the online version of farmers' markets. We source our products from small, local suppliers- farmers, butchers, bakers, fishermen. Each day in the morning we pick up only as much products as was ordered the previous day.

The produce arrives to us in the early morning and then we assemble your order and deliver it to you in a few hours.  This keeps food wastes to a minimum and allows us to get you the produce exceptionally fresh.

Our process is simple, efficient, and allows us to guarantee next day delivery of super fresh products.

We will be soon announcing our partnered providers.


Contact us

Questions? Requests? Email us at info@rydeon.com


Adam- Founder

Hi guys! I started RydeOn groceries because I wanted to shorten and reinvent the supply chain. I think produce should not take weeks from the moment it's harvested until it's our plates. It should be a few days. That's what I am trying to accomplish.

I hope that we are delivering you great products and outstanding customer service. If not- please shoot me a message or give ma call on my cell: 415-629-0310. You can also reach me by email at adam@rydeon.com