What’s The Best Bread At Costco?


Costco has a huge variety of products in its warehouse, full of some of the best products to feed our families.  One place you can get tripped up is in the bread aisle while shopping at a store as impressive and large as Costco. 

The prices can vary a lot and you need to look for a product that tastes good and you want a staple like bread to be nutritious.  This is where marketing tricks come in, a lot of bread companies use hype and fad ingredients like wholewheat but only to pour in sugar to make it taste better.  While you might not buy organics in a lot of products, bread is one household item you should look for.  Our top pick for the best Costco bread is this sourdough: Rose’s San Francisco Bay Sourdough by Inked Organics.  You can read more about organic bread here.


Which bread is good in Costco?

It's famous for its "Riveting Taste," the best bread to buy at Costco is Rosie’s San Francisco Bay Sourdough from local baker Inked Organics.

Hard work. Dedication beyond expectations. Defying the norm. It takes a lot to become a national treasure, but you can trust Inked Organics to have nailed it. What makes this bread good at Costco is that it's a local masterpiece with a golden crust with soft tangy insides that are sure to make your meal the best it can be.


San Francisco is famous and has a long history of making sourdough.  It was the gold miners who started this craze of turning boring flour into delicious and durable bread. Sourdough isn’t just tasty, it's easier to digest than other breads, because of the prebiotics and probiotics created during the fermentation process.

Inked Organics is bold group of people focused on a singular mission – to make the best bread possible. They believe that bread was better when it was made the old-fashioned way. Starting with the highest quality organic ingredients, Inked Organics keep the process simple by taking our time and baking in small batches. That's Inked Organics Breads.



Inked Organic Sourdough is our top pick for the best Costco bread. It's made from heirloom grains, packaged in a recyclable #4 LDPE bag with a tatted-up Rosie the Riveter on the cover, a playful nod to American history.