Crypto FAQ for Buffalo Market

Using Buffalo Checkout with Crypto

Buffalo Checkout with Crypto will appear for a customer.   When they finish loading their shopping cart and select payment times.. Appearing alongside other payment methods in the wallet like a bank account, balance or credit card/debit card, the Checkout with Crypto payment flow remains similar and familiar to other ways of checking out with Buffalo market’s easy checkout flow:

  • At checkout, customer’s select their payment type.
  • Customers will be able select their cryptocurrency of choice – Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dai, Ethereum or Bitcoin Cash, depending on what they are holding within their wallet and the balances available in each cryptocurrency. Only one type of cryptocurrency can be used for each purchase.
  • Once the customer confirms the purchase the customer will receive a record of both the crypto sale, as well as the purchased item.

Buffalo Market also has two additional payment options for businesses.  Invoice Pay with Crypto and credit notes.  Early this year Buffalo Market launched Restaurant Bridge, a COVID relief program , to give restaurants additional support and up to six month payment terms.

This is one of our many efforts to put supply chain on the blockchain.