Buffalo Market for Brands

Buffalo Market delivers premium frozen, refrigerated, and dry products to major retailers across the country up to 7 days a week. We specialize in fast-moving brands that benefit from our higher level of in-store service.

Our direct store delivery and merchandising services have been proven to have a dramatic impact on the sales of the brands we represent.  Just ask Inked Organic Bread who increased their sales 38% by switching to Buffalo Market.

Download Inked Organics Case Study

We are adding new brands to our trucks every day!

To be considered for our DSD, LTL, or FTL services, tell us a bit about your company and products by completing the following application process.

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Click to Start Stage 1 (General Information)

In Stage 1, please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Sales contact information
  • Broker contacts (if you use one)
  • Accounting. / billing contact information


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In Stage 2, get ready to share:

  • Logistics and shipping department contact information
  • Product Category Details
  • Markets that You need help with Distribution


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In Stage 3, we'll ask you to submit:

  • Store lists
  • Lists of authorized products by store
  • Price lists by store or chain

When you have fully completed all 3 stages of the application process, we will have the information we need to evaluate the potential fit of your brand with our services.  Then a member of our team will reach out to schedule a no-commitment brand distribution evaluation.  

We look forward to learning more about your company and brands!