Creative Packaging Ideas For Bread Brands

Bread packaging can often fall into the trap of looking the same as every other bread product on the shop shelf. For consumers, this gets boring quickly — and doesn’t help your product to stand out!

So, how do you make sure that your bread packaging encourages customers to pick up your bread brand while shopping?

You’ll need to get creative.

Bread packaging really doesn’t need to be boring — and trying out some unique features can make certain that your bread brand continues to thrive.


Creative Packaging Ideas For Bread Brands

Why is packaging important?

Your packaging design can ultimately be the deciding factor in consumers choosing to purchase your product.

In fact, according to research by the Paper and Packaging Board and IPSOS, 7 out of 10 consumers agree that packaging design has an effect on their purchasing design.

That’s a huge percentage of your potential customers — so you really can’t afford to ignore the importance of your brand’s packaging.

Especially when your product is surrounded by an increasing number of brands who are getting creative with their packaging design!

Here are just a few of the reasons why packaging is so important:

It’s crucial for brand recognition

Your packaging design plays a massive role in consumer recognition of your brand.

It’s really important that packaging is consistent across each of your products — especially if you have products in multiple areas of the supermarket!

If a consumer has tried your product once and enjoyed it, it’s highly likely that they’ll look to purchase again.

But if your packaging design is inconsistent, they might struggle to find your brand on their next shopping trip. And consumers don’t want to spend ages hunting out a brand!

What’s more, if you aren’t just a bread brand, consistent packaging across all of your products is essential to encouraging consumers to try out one of your other items!

It’s an important part of your advertising strategy

Ultimately, your packaging design is an advert for your bread brand.

The most obvious place that this advertising happens is on the shop shelf — but potential consumers may also see other shoppers carrying around your brand, which has the power to get them to try it out themselves.

So, make sure that you put as much time and energy into your packaging design as you would into a TV advert!

It’s also a good idea to use the same colors, fonts, and images as you do in your advertising campaigns — as this helps with that all-important brand recognition.

It’s a great way to show off your brand’s values

Your packaging design will often be the first impression consumers get of your bread brand — so make sure it shows off your brand values!

If the environmental impact of your bread brand is really important to you, making environmentally-friendly choices for your packaging design is crucial to reaching the right consumers.

Or, if you’d like your brand to be associated with humor, then witty illustrations on your packaging design can be a great way to encourage this.


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It will secure you shelf space

Your packaging design isn’t just important to consumers — it also plays a huge role in whether retailers decide to stock your product or not.

Retailers will only want to buy in products that they’re proud to display on their shelves. 

So, packaging that looks sleek, beautiful, and well thought through is super important to getting your brand in the best shops.

Retailers will also only choose to work with brands who match their values — so it’s important that your packaging design conveys everything that you want them to know about you and your brand.

Creative packaging ideas for bread brands

So, we’ve explored why bread packaging is important — but how do you make sure yours really stands out to consumers?

Let’s dive into the best creative packaging ideas for bread brands…

Get brave with color like Inked Bread

Color is one of the best ways to make certain that your bread brand stands out on the shop shelves!

Move away from the typical white, brown, and beige packaging traditionally used by bread brands — and think about what colors actually represent your brand the best.

Most importantly, you want the colors on your packaging to be eye-catching when sitting amongst other brands. So bold, bright colors are normally a good bet!

Inked Bread, a bakery brand based in California, uses color really well in its packaging designs.

Their bread loaves come in a range of super bright, energetic colors — including purple, green, pink, and yellow — with each color representing a different product in their range.

While Inked's branding is consistent, its use of a different color for each product helps with product recognition.

And most importantly, the bright colors really stand out on the shop shelves!

Add in your brand narrative like Bakker's Bread & Co.

Text can be really powerful when it comes to packaging design.

Adding narratives to your brand’s packaging is a great way to convey what your brand is all about.

This could be in the form of short stories about the founders of the brand, or even witty anecdotes about the product.

Bakker's Bread & Co. does this well. This bread brand tells the story of the Bakker family lineage on its packaging to give consumers a better insight into the product they’re buying.

Embrace environmentally friendly packaging like The Artisan Bakery

If your brand’s impact on the environment is important to you, make sure you show this in your packaging design!

Consider removing as much plastic as you can from your packaging, and using eco-friendly alternatives instead.

The Artisan Bakery, based in London, completely changed its product packaging during the COVID-19 pandemic to make its product more environmentally friendly.

Their packaging is now made up of a film and tray, both of which are made from eucalyptus pulp!

This makes the packaging fully recyclable, as well as compostable — which tells eco-conscious consumers a lot about this brand’s values.

Add illustrations like Solrug Bread

Adding illustrations to your bread packaging can be a great way to make certain that your brand is eye-catching and memorable.

Colorful illustrations make packaging more fun and exciting — which in turn, will encourage potential consumers to try out the product.

Solrug Bread, a sourdough bread made by a Finnish bread brand, uses a big bright illustrated panel of Finnish stereotypes on the front of its packaging.

The illustrations are actually more noticeable than the brand name itself, which shows how a few simple illustrations can increase brand recognition.

The company wanted its packaging to be different, fun, and unexpected — and they’ve certainly achieved this goal!

Try a new shape like matzOH!

If you really want your bread brand to stand out from your competitors, consider trying out a new packaging shape.

The structure of your packaging doesn’t need to look like every other bread product on the supermarket shelves!

Just take a look at the packaging shape for matzOH!, a brand of Polish crackers.

Kupiec, who owns the product, moved away from packaging with a traditional box shape. 

Instead, they decided to completely reinvent the brand with an irregular, atypical packaging shape!

Why not give it a go with your own bread brand?

Make sure your creative packaging reaches the right retailers

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