What are Good Foods to Eat During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

The past twelve months of this pandemic have caused all manner of economic and social damage, with just about every industry feeling the effects of a world suddenly forced into lockdown – not to mention an enormous death toll that will have irreversibly affected the lives of countless families. As we near the end of the Coronavirus crisis, with the rollout of vaccination programs all over the globe and with restaurants beginning to reopen, it’s more important than ever to contain the spread of this disease in order for us to reach the light at the end of the tunnel.


As well as the responsibility of everyone to wash their hands frequently, wear a mask indoors and in confined public spaces, and follow social distancing guidelines, it’s also important to keep as happy and healthy as possible. A varied and nutritional diet is always an important consideration in anyone’s lifestyle, but during this worldwide health crisis it has taken on a whole new level of significance. Maintaining a strong immune system and keeping your body replenished is the best way to ward off illness, so here are some dietary guidelines to help you through the tail-end of this terrible pandemic.

Optimizing good nutrition

When it comes to maintaining overall body health, as well as ensuring fast recovery from stints of illness, consuming a diet loaded with strong sources of nutrition is just what your immune system needs. Try to steer clear of processed foods, such as those loaded with salt and sugar, but if you’re really craving something sweet, always try to go with a piece of fruits first. Apples are loaded with natural fructose and are also a great source of vitamins, so they would be your best bet for an easy snack to be enjoyed on the go (and to satisfy your sweet tooth).


Beside the lack of energy and loss of smell, those suffering from the effects of COVID-19 will also undergo some weight loss, which makes increasing the amount of protein in their diet an extremely important factor in what foods to eat. Keeping your body weight to healthy proportions should be a top priority, which means you’ll need to get plenty of protein into your meal plans so that you have enough energy to see you through your recovery. The immune cells in your body are comprised of proteins, and therefore need to be replenished frequently to maximize their efficiency in warding off bacteria and viruses.


As well as keeping hydrated – to account for the large volumes of sweat produced by the feverish symptoms of contracting Coronavirus – you will need to incorporate these key protein-loaded ingredients into your diet: eggs, beans and lentils, as well as a variety of meat and fish products. Drinking milk offers the joint benefits of hydration as well as a source of protein, so adding small, frequent quantities of dairy products to your meals as well is another tip to tackle COVID.

Vitamins and minerals to combat flu-like sickness

As mentioned up top, getting more protein into your diet works wonders in boosting your immune system and keeping infections at bay, but there are three other important vitamins and minerals to factor into your COVID recovery: zinc, vitamin C, and oregano oil. The first of the three can be found in numerous sources, such as seafood, nuts and seeds, lean meat and poultry products, and a range of seafood. Zinc is well regarded as a supplement that can quicken recovery from colds, as it prevents virus cells from multiplying within the body.


Vitamin C is another cold combatant, as it aids white blood cells in their fight against invading pathogens, so keeping your body topped up is a great way to keep yourself from getting ill. You’ll find this vitamin in numerous citric fruits – such as lemons and oranges – as well as peppers, potatoes, brussels sprouts, strawberries, blackcurrants, and broccoli. Finally, oregano oil – which has pronounced antibacterial and antiviral properties – is a great dietary aid that can easily be administered as a supplement, with just four drops a day being the optimal volume when fighting off flu-like ailments.

Prioritize locally sourced produce

In accordance with the World Health Organization’s guidelines on sustainable recovery from COVID-19, communities are being urged to affect specific considerations relating to sanitation, hygiene and carbon emissions. These steps are broadly focused on achieving a realistic level of economic recovery from the loss of business and revenue downturns incurred throughout the pandemic. Yet, on an individual level, a number of these so-called “actionables” for COVID-19 recovery are in the pursuit of healthier diet and more naturally sourced foodstuffs. They push for total integration of sustainable food production, prioritizing organic produce from small-scale or family famers, in order to revitalize local economy at the same time as mitigating environmental damage.  


Foods that require minimal degrees of processing – such as nuts, a wide range of fruits and vegetables, as well as nuts and legumes – are keenly prioritized as a means of keeping environmental damage to an acceptable level. Beside this, one of the other key imperatives is the improvement of storage and preservation of foodstuffs, ensuring they do not spoil en route from producer to retailer and thus contribute to seasonal food insecurities. The best way to get the richest dose of vitamins and minerals in your food is to eat fresh ingredients as often as possible, as they will not only be at their most ripe and flavorsome but also loaded with their highest doses of health benefits.


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