How Can I Buy A Tesla Semi - Find Out How to Buy a Tesla Semi and How Much it Costs

Tesla has been at the forefront of the electric car industry ever since it released the Roadster back in 2008.

Fast forward to November 2017, and the company’s co-founder, Elon Musk, announced a new and exciting development in the firm’s electric vehicle offering.

The company plans to revolutionize commercial transport with the very first Tesla electric truck: the Tesla Semi.

Musk says that this freight vehicle will beat the competition — both electric and fuel-powered trucks — in terms of performance, safety, and operational costs.

If the finished product lives up to these bold claims (when it’s released in 2023), it will help CPG businesses to transport their goods without doing undue damage to the environment.

They’ll be able to operate greener logistics with clear benefits for business, the planet, and its people.     

Wondering how you or I can buy a Tesla Semi? Or just what the heck a Tesla Semi actually is? We’ve got all the answers to your questions right here.

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What is a Tesla Semi?

A Tesla Semi is an electric vehicle transport truck, developed and created by Tesla Inc., a company headed by Elon Musk.

It was unveiled at a press conference back in 2017 and Tesla plans to produce the vehicle by 2023. Some companies — including PepsiCo, Walmart, and Anheuser-Busch — have already put in orders.

So why all the excitement?

According to the promotional materials, the Tesla Semi ticks all the boxes.

With four electric motors and an aerodynamic design, it has great range and acceleration. It boasts tech-tastic safety features. It can take a cargo of 80,000 pounds. And — as you’d expect from Tesla — it looks like something right out of the future.

Why buy a Tesla Semi?

So why would a CPG brand like yours choose to invest in Elon Musk’s latest brainchild? Here are just a few of the reasons why buying a Tesla Semi could be a great move for your business.

Save on fuel and maintenance costs

According to Musk — and the promotional material that has been released — Tesla Semi electric energy costs are half that of the diesel costs associated with a similar non-electric vehicle.  

An electric vehicle charging port sign — an illustration of an electric car painted in white on a green wallIt’s also much cheaper to maintain an electric vehicle like the Tesla Semi as there are fewer systems that can wear out or go wrong.

This particular truck boasts added extras too, like “thermonuclear explosion-proof glass” as standard, which makes costly truck glass repair and replacement a thing of the past.

Over time, these savings could make a big difference to your business and its bottom line.


Another area in which the Tesla Semi plans to lead the way? Road safety. Its “Enhanced Autopilot” features come as standard and include:

  • Automatic emergency braking
  • Forward collision warning
  • Automatic lane-keeping assist
  • Automatic slow halt and emergency services call in response to a lack of driver input
  • Enhanced traction control system to prevent jackknifing

The truck also has a number of other safety features built into its design. It has a low center of gravity, which provides rollover protection, and a centered driver position for maximum visibility and control.

No compromise on range and speed

You’re probably thinking that an electric truck could never match the performance of a non-electric alternative.

But according to Tesla, the Semi will go from 0-60mph in 20 seconds, fully loaded with a cargo of 80,000 pounds.

The range is also impressive. The vehicle will be available in two battery versions: one that provides 300 miles of range and one that provides 500 miles of range.  

Just 30 minutes of charging time at a solar-powered "Tesla Megacharger" charging station gets the Tesla Semi back up to 400 miles of range, so truckers don’t have to wait around too long to get back on the road.

Investing in a greener future

Every conscious company is trying to reduce its impact on the environment. It’s in the interests of the planet and of your business, as  more and more consumers care about the sustainability of supply chains.

By buying a Tesla Semi in place of a petrol or diesel vehicle, you reduce the carbon footprint of your company.

It’s an investment in your CPG brand’s sustainability and future profitability, as well as a contribution towards a greener future for everyone.

An electric vehicle charging up

How can I buy a Tesla Semi?

Wondering how you can buy a Tesla Semi?

The truth is, you can’t buy a Tesla Semi right now — but you can reserve one. Production is due to start in 2023 so, as long as plans stay on track, you shouldn’t have too much longer to wait.

To reserve a Tesla Semi you go straight to the Tesla website and put down a deposit.

How much does a Tesla Semi cost?

To reserve a Tesla Semi, you need to make an initial $5,000 credit card payment. You then have to make a further $15,000 wire transfer payment within ten days.

An additional $20,000 deposit is required for each Tesla Semi you wish to reserve.

The overall cost is obviously a lot more than this, though.

Expected base prices on the Tesla website are listed as $150,000 for the 300-mile-range model and $180,000 for the 500-mile-range model. Although with no firm figures yet available it’s unclear what final costs would actually amount to.

Nevertheless, some buyers might be able to make use of state incentives for green vehicles, which will lower the cost for environmentally-conscious businesses.

A greener future with greener logistics

Here at Buffalo Market, we’re all about products that are good for us and for the planet. So, in keeping with our values, we’re consistently trying to reduce the environmental impact of our operations.

We’ve just started using electric vehicles to distribute CPG products across the country. And we’re working towards operating a full EV fleet, to distribute planet-positive products to a host of mainstream and upstart retailers.

Want to build a greener supply chain with the help of Buffalo Market? Tell us about your brand here and we’ll get back to you soon.

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