Meatless Monday Blog: Promos for Plant-Based CPGs

Most of us are aware of the popularity of Meatless Mondays by now. It encourages people, especially those who are big meat eaters, to embrace plant-based foods once a week.

We now  know eating less meat decreases greenhouse gases created by transportation, cuts energy and water consumption plus it can reduce a lot of health risks and helps you maintain a healthy weight.

Increasing concern about the climate and how the foods we eat affect it, teamed with a desire to make healthier dining choices, is driving more people to consume less meat. A recent survey revealed that 60% of Americans have started to eat more plant-based food since the start of the COVID-19 crisis.  

Not all of these are staunch vegetarians or vegans, some are flexitarians or semi-vegetarians. But Meatless Mondays is all about encouraging everyone, especially meat eaters, to make small changes to their diet that make a big impact. Check out What is Meatless Mondays? to learn more.

As we can imagine, demand for plant-based consumer packaged goods (CPG) is increasing — the meat-alternatives market is predicted to be worth $480 billion by 2024. Now, that’s something to pay attention to. 

CPGs can incorporate Meatless Mondays into their marketing strategies to promote products, increase brand awareness and reach an audience of vegetarians, vegans, flexitarians and especially, curious meat eaters wanting to take part in this movement.

Overhead shop of brightly colored salad and smaller bowls with dressing and topppings.

Marketing ideas to leverage Meatless Mondays and the plant-based shift

You may have little control over how businesses promote your CPG products in-store, but you can still run promotions in partnership with retailers. Let’s check out some tips and tricks for in-store promos that grab customers’ attention:

Incentivize buyers with in-store discounts 

 One of the simplest ways to incentivize shoppers to buy your goods is through a limited-time discount. Arrange with retailers to cut prices on your plant-based products to support Meatless Mondays. 

Not only will this help raise awareness of the initiative and encourage consumers to research it, but it could make them more likely to purchase the products – especially as an impulsive buy.

We know this to be a solid promotional tool. Two-thirds of consumers have bought goods they didn’t intend to buy because of a discount, while 80% “feel encouraged” to make a first-time

purchase with a new brand if there’s an offer. Perfect for trying out something they wouldn’t normally buy.

You can try different discounts with retailers. Off-invoice, manufacturer chargeback (MCB), or scan back (Scans). The model you choose will depend on your mutual and respective goals. 

Remember, both you and the retailer stand to profit from a well-planned, well-executed promotion. 

Use engaging packaging to make products stand out

Eye-catching packaging is a must when promoting products in-store. Customers should be able to spot them among dozens of similar items on shelves.  

Think about the in-store promotional displays you use for Meatless Mondays. They should grab shoppers attention instantly. What colors, images and packaging materials can you use to make a visual impact and quickly show you’re a tasty meat-free alternative?

Every aspect of the promotional display should be tailored to the target audience. Check out our handy guide here.

Take advantage of social media 

Consumers increasingly want brands to share their values. For example, 62% of millennials consider it important to buy from businesses that support their social and political beliefs.

We know social media is essential for raising awareness, especially for Meatless Mondays – we already know we love a food photo online!

Customers want to know brands are doing their bit to make a positive difference, and Instagram especially, is one of the first places they’ll go for pre-purchase research.

Your CPG can demonstrate its commitment to the movement by supporting Meatless Mondays on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. 

You can share content about the Meatless Monday initiative on your social accounts to increase engagement and build trust. Tell customers how avoiding meat for at least one day per week benefits their health, animals, and the planet. And let them know how they can take part. 

Engage with your followers by hosting giveaways, partner with other plant-based brands to spread the word and potentially gain new followers and customers. Research relevant hashtags, and encourage customers to tag you in their meals.

One option is to work with influencers known for a meat-free lifestyle or a passion for sustainability and environmental concerns. Consumers may respond better to an influencer promoting your products if they know it’s a genuine interest rather than a cheap marketing gimmick. 

Share 'Meatless Mondays' recipes to inspire consumers 

Many consumers switching to fully or partially plant-based diets may have little to no experience preparing meat-free meals. And, that can make it hard for them to know how to work with your products.  

Offer recipes to steer them in the right direction. What have you learnt experimenting in the kitchen? Maybe you’re a reformed meat lover, or have a few tips for getting more plants into your diet. No one wants a preacher, be relatable to your audience!

Customer shopping inside of a grocery store, reaching for the top shelf

On product packaging

Add a simple recipe on a product’s packaging, whether on the back of a bag or the side of a box. Make it easy to follow. Use a step-by-step format with clear instructions and simple terminology. 

Buyers can follow these while preparing a meal without needing to open a cookbook or find a website. It’s faster and more convenient.

On social media

Use recipes on social media to promote your products while sharing valuable content. Include mouth-watering images or videos to show the cooking process step by step. If it looks great and is simple to make, consumers are more likely to track the product down. 

Encourage users to try it themselves and submit pictures of their own dishes. That can boost engagement and create opportunities to interact with followers directly.

On your website

Meatless Mondays is an ideal subject for different types of content marketing, and recipes make fantastic blog posts. 

Make them reader-friendly and highly visual. Readers should be able to scroll through your recipes and compare their progress to high-quality images while they cook. 

Ready to start working with brands that care about the health of consumers and the planet?

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