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Restaurant Supply and Ghost Kitchen

pair of cows standing in free range pasture for sustainable livestock rearing

New California Bill Requires Fast Food Chains to Disclose Carbon Footprint

Fixed toward fast food chains, the new Climate Corporation Accountability Act aims to curtail the carbon footprint of companies generating more than $1bn of revenue within the state. But the positive impacts on climate change are not just specific to California: they're being made all over the US.
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glasses and polished cutlery on beautiful restaurant dining table

Opening a Restaurant with No Money

Opening a restaurant is far from cheap - in fact, it’s amazingly expensive. You can expect to shell out $450 for every square foot of your new restaurant, and depending on the size of your floorspace, that figure can easily shoot up to $395,000. But opening one with no money isn't as impossible as it seems...
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succulent delicious plant-based meat burger

Plant-Based Meats Are on the Rise (And Could Be in a Restaurant Near You)

Reducing our carbon footprint at the same time as lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease, plant-based meats aren’t just beneficial for the environment but our physical wellbeing, too. As an added bonus, they taste just as good as the real thing – if not better
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woman photographs food with dslr camera to market restaurant on social media

Ten Tips for Marketing Your Restaurant on Social Media

Even before the pandemic forced many businesses to close their doors, there was already a marked shift toward online trading and mobile orders. As such, an estimated 11% of all QSR (quick-service restaurant) orders were conducted via smartphone in 2020 - and this is a trend set to continue as the pandemic does.
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interior of restaurant looking out over San Francisco Bay and Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco to Allow 25% Indoor Dining Capacity, Beginning March 3rd

Following a closure period of nearly three months, restaurants in San Francisco are due to recommence indoor dining at a 25% capacity from Wednesday, March 3rd. Issued by the Health Officer of San Francisco’s Department of Public Health, all businesses in either indoor or outdoor space must recognize and complete a lengthy social distancing protocol - here's everything you need to know.
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sign showing restaurant is closed due to coronavirus pandemic

How Has the Restaurant Industry Been Affected by COVID-19?

The coronavirus pandemic has affected every part of our lives for almost a year now, and while things are beginning to improve there is still a long way to go. Businesses will reopen in the months ahead, but it’s hard to overlook that the hospitality industry has been more negatively affected than perhaps any other.
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man in green t-shirt cooks pizza in ghost kitchen during pandemic

Why Ghost Kitchens Have Been Booming in the Pandemic

Valued at $375bn in 2020, the ghost kitchen business model – in which commercial cooking space is leased to businesses by restaurants, or the parent group of which that restaurant is an entity – is set to become a $1tn industry by 2030. But why have they been booming specifically during this pandemic?
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man using iphone to photograph box of chocolates in restaurant

Marketing Your Restaurant with Instagram

When it comes to marketing your business online, Instagram is the ultimate visual medium – which helps when a picture tells a thousand words. Here are the best marketing strategies you'll need to successfully promote your business on Instagram. 
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Ten Best Facebook Posts to Promote Your Restaurant

Ten Best Facebook Posts to Promote Your Restaurant

If you’re looking to launch your new restaurant online, making use of social media marketing is one of the strongest steps forward. Here are ten of the best Facebook post ideas to get more traffic to your page and more orders from your menu.

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fashionable california beachside restaurant digital marketing

Restaurant Marketing Trends and Ideas to Try in 2021

There are over a million restaurants in the U.S., so how can you get yours to stand out from the crowd? The past year has seen the emergence of countless online marketing trends, so check out some of these online marketing strategies to keep your business afloat in 2021
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young woman uses laptop in restaurant for digital marketing

The Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Restaurant

A potential customer will make the decision on whether to visit your restaurant before they even see it - 'see' in real life, that is - meaning a strong digital marketing strategy can be nearly as important as what’s on your menu and whether or not you have a happy hour.
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group of friends outside drinking with face masks

Ten Tips to Increase Sales In Your Restaurant

The appeal of running your own restaurant is easy to understand: a room full of people brought together over a shared love of good food and good times. Sadly, the reality is that running one can be a very costly venture. To increase sales in your restaurant, you'll need more than just excellent service, but the right marketing to generate interest – and demand.

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