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Buffalo Market Supports Hospitality Industry with COVID-19 Relief Fund
As indoor dining becomes a more frequent occurrence, hospitality businesses are beginning to see a return to revenue streams not seen since before the pandemic. Yet many restaurants are still in need of relief resources, and Buffalo Market is on-hand to help with its "Restaurant Bridge" six-month credit scheme.
The Biggest Trends for Your Restaurant This Year
Just about every customer service industry will see its fair share of new and emerging trends, which can alter a company’s product line up for a short time or revolutionize the way they do business in years to come. As we emerge from the pandemic, these are the trends restaurants should be paying attention to in 2021.
Ideas to Promote Your Bar and Maximise Turnover
What distinguishes a bar from a restaurant is its versatility, where the set theme of your business is allowed a far greater degree of wiggle room to truly become something unique and incredible. The most important consideration should be how to market your bar in a bespoke way – and these are some top tips to keep in mind.
How to Design the Layout of Your Restaurant
It’s often said the thing writers are most afraid of is the blank page, and the little cursor blinking at them expectantly as they wait for the word. When it comes to the blank page in the world of business, however, there is a strict guiding principle as certain actions will have certain outcomes - and nowhere else does this apply more than the floorplan of a restaurant.
Common Customer Queries and How to Handle Them
The saying goes that the customer is always right and that their requests should not be questioned too extensively, if at all. But it’s more likely than not that, as a restaurant owner, you and your staff will commonly be pitted against a wide array of customer queries relating to all areas of service. It's important to know what kinds of question to expect and how to answer properly. 
How to Secure Repeat Customers for Your Restaurant
Ranking among the most favorable reviews and the volume of traffic your online website generates, the most valuable assets of any restaurant will always be the number of familiar faces you can trust to keep coming back. Here's why you need to secure more repeat customers. 
Why Your Restaurant Should Be Going Organic
What you eat really can save the world, and restaurant owners have become increasingly savvy to that fact. If you’re a restauranteur, it truly pays to go organic – and here’s why.
What is "Farm-to-Fork"?
You may have seen the "farm to fork" label attached to some menus or organic grocery stores, and have some vague idea that it means the food is ethically sourced, but what does farm to fork actually mean? Well, it's keeping your larder stocked and saving the planet.
Diner Fraud: Yet Another Way Restaurants Lose Money in Pandemic
As though it weren’t already hard enough to keep a business afloat, scammers have been thriving in a time of social and economic crisis by disputing card charges made to restaurants - after they've consumed their product. The rise of diner fraud is a major blow to an industry which has already seen a quarter-trillion-dollar downturn over the past 12 months, and here's how it's happening.
How to Increase Sales with Effective Restaurant Design
The interior of a restaurant is where a business owner can really express the personality of their food service establishment, but the line between quirkiness and functionality is a challenging one to balance out. You want to be stylish, bespoke, and unusual - but you need to remember this is a still a restaurant, not a modern art piece...
How Restaurants Can Make Meatless Mondays a Winning Strategy for Growth
What once began as a nice interest in organic food has now become a major industry, and the growing demand for meat-free products represents significant business opportunities for any restaurant striving to keep up with the latest trends. Here's why embracing the Meatless Monday movement could open your restaurant to a new demographic, and save the planet at the same time.
US Restaurants to Wait at Least a Month to Access Federal Relief Funds
A landmark piece of legislation, President Biden's American Rescue Plan is a $1.9 trn lifeline for businesses all across the country - yet the difficulty of processing so many applications means that it may be another month until restaurant owners can expect to see these funds appear in their accounts.
What is Meat-Free Monday?
Demand for meat products accounts for some of the worst environmental damage caused by the food industry, as well as plenty of other substantial environmental and social issues. Making the move to a more meat-free diet can do a great deal of good, and the Meat-Free Monday movement has been leading the charge since 2009.
How to Attract Millennials to Your Restaurant
Millennials represent one of the most influential consumer bases in the country, with over $200 bn of their combined income pumped into the economy. They are also extremely keen on dining out and trying new things, too, so it certainly pays to make use of new and inventive ways to attract millennials to your restaurant.
7 Ways to Lower Food Costs in Your Restaurant
40% of all food served in US restaurants ends up in the garbage can, accounting for a problem worth almost $170 bn. Mitigating the amount of food waste in your restaurant is one of the leading ways to keep down the cost of keeping your kitchens stocked, as well as plenty of other handy tips. When it comes to keeping your overhead down and reducing the damage on the environment, here are 7 of the best ways to do it.
The Rise of Organic Food on Restaurant Menus
Organic food has gone from a mostly misunderstood niche to a multi-billion industry. Demand for fresher, more environmentally conscious ingredients is pushing many restaurants toward a more sustainable approach to their menu - but why exactly is organic food on the rise?
Why Frozen Meat is Better
Many believe that freezing a cut of meat can diminish its flavor and nutritional value, but that isn't always the case. Besides, there are plenty of benefits to be gained from freezing, namely the convenience of being able to bulk-buy and plan out what you're going to eat in the weeks ahead.
How to Run a Successful Organic Restaurant
Consumer awareness of the benefits of eating organic produce has pushed it into becoming a $55 bn industry in the last 18 months, making the decision to open your own organic restaurant more viable than ever. But there are still a few things to consider when you do...
What are the Healthiest Eggs to Eat?
Eggs come in a wide variety of sizes and colours, with brown eggs often cited as being healthier than white eggs - but is there any truth in this, or is just an old wives' tale?
Are Darker Egg Yolks Healthier Than Light Egg Yolks?
The color of your food can often tell you a lot about its ripeness, and its quality. Egg yolks are no different, with darker yolks giving you some strong insight into the happiness and wellbeing of the hen which laid it. But are amber-colored yolks better for you than lighter ones?
Writing a Business Plan for Your Fast Food Restaurant
Opening a restaurant is the dream of many food-lovers, yearning to turn their passion for food into a moneymaking enterprise. But in order to get the right amount of investment to put you on your feet, you're going to need a solid business plan outlining every aspect of what you want to do, and exactly how you plan to do it.