Restaurant Supply and Ghost Kitchen

The Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Restaurant
A potential customer will make the decision on whether to visit your restaurant before they even see it - 'see' in real life, that is - meaning a strong digital marketing strategy can be nearly as important as what’s on your menu and whether or not you have a happy hour.
Ten Tips to Increase Sales In Your Restaurant

The appeal of running your own restaurant is easy to understand: a room full of people brought together over a shared love of good food and good times. Sadly, the reality is that running one can be a very costly venture. To increase sales in your restaurant, you'll need more than just excellent service, but the right marketing to generate interest – and demand.

Everything You Need to Know About Ghost Kitchens
No, they aren't what you'd find in a haunted restaurant: ghost kitchens are the rented cooking spaces keeping business alive in a pandemic that has devastated the hospitality sector. Here's everything you need to know.
Why “Ghost Kitchens” Are Undercutting the Food Delivery Business
The commission charged by third-party delivery services take a huge chunk out of your revenue, but these costs can be sidestepped with the rented kitchen spaces known as "ghost kitchens". Now, the power can go back to you, the business owner.
Profit Margins Explained: How Much Do Restaurants Really Make?
Running a restaurant is a pricey venture, but what is the real cost of running this kind of business - and how can you maximize your profit margins?
How to Use Facebook to Maximize Your Restaurant’s Business Potential
Facebook is one of the world’s most frequently visited websites, given its easy-to-use format, lack of membership fees, and platforms for promoting everything from schoolyard bake sales to election campaigns. But it is also a great tool to launch your business – especially anything relating to the hospitality industry.
Why Your Restaurant Should Start Making No-Contact Pickups and Deliveries

An estimated 110,000 restaurants have been forced to close across the pandemic, but this doesn’t mean the production and sale of food needs to stop altogether. The safest and most economically viable step is to prioritize home deliveries and no-contact pickups.

How to Get Your Restaurant Noticed

With over a million restaurants in the U.S. alone, what can you do to get yours to stand out from the crowd and entice new customers? Getting your restaurant noticed is serious business.


Spend Less, Get More: How to Save by Shopping Like a Restaurant
With Buffalo Market, you can buy the same restaurant-quality ingredients purchased by your local favorites - and all at wholesale prices. High-grade nutrition at a low-rate premium.